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CAST: Brandy (Aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This videos is so titled because for many of the scenes petite Brandy is either stretched up on her bare tiptoes or balanced un ultra-high heeled shoes. Some of the bondages actually incorporate ropes around her pretty peds themselves. As we open, the curvy blonde is casually dressed, catching up on a little ironing. When she is grabbed from behind (by Bryan) she is shocked and puts up quite a struggle. Bryan's stronger though, and soon she's bound and vulnerable to his groping hands. For the first few scenes she wears her white pumps, but eventually she loses them and remains barefoot and nude. With each tough, toe-testing position we get close-ups of the perfect "high-heel" style arch of her feet., plus it's awfully fun to watch as she struggles, wiggles, and occasionally slips out of her captor's grasp!

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