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CAST: Darby Daniels

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

We open of pretty Darby, dressed as a proper slave in corset, gloves and heels. Her wrists are shackled to her collar. Bryan leads her to sit next to him as he goes over his plans for the day but instead of sitting politely at his feet Darby pouts and whines and carries on. After several warnings and a firm spanking have no effect on her behavior, Bryan decides it is time for a little more "lady training". Stripping off her clothing, then her shoes, Bryan straps Darby into a very tidy little package. Because she can never remember to keep her toes pointed, he ties her big toes back to her hair. For the rest of the day Darby is kept nude and barefoot. Most of the ties involve her hair and her toes (sexy!) and eventually she must endure big bells clamped onto her nipples. Finally poor Darby is laced into a tight leather hood and single glove and Bryan leads her back to the same corner she behaved so poorly in that morning. Looks like the training worked?she is now as quiet as a lamb! After the story is a fun scene where Bryan tells us that Darby (still hooded and now strapped to a post) is extremely TICKLISH...then proves it by TICKLING her! She laughs so loud even the cameraman gets the giggles!

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