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CAST: Summer Cummings

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

Feisty Summer Cummings has been kidnapped by a masked man! The beautiful brunette is at her absolute best in this program. She struggles as she's dragged into the dank room her captor calls her "new home." Stripping away her clothing and high heels, the wicked kidnapper binds poor Summer several ways to a bare bed. Each position leaves her most private spots open and available! Good use is made of this boob-a-licious babe's extreme flexibility, including several leg-stretching ties and an amazing hogtie/strappado variation! At one point Summer is tied with her legs spread wide, her feet up in the air and a burning candle balanced on her pussy. Every time she struggles she spills hot wax all over her skin! Unfortunately for Summer, she's such a good pet that her captor decides not to let her go, like he had originally planned. He's going to keep her!

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