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CAST: Honey

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Nefarious masked-man Skip Sterne has found himself a brand new, ultra-busty model. (Too bad she has no idea she's been recruited!)
When Honey wakes up bound and gagged on a strange livingroom floor she is disheveled and confused. Apparently she attended a party the night before and had a bit too much to drink. Okay, make that a LOT too much to drink, so when Skip sweetly offered her a ride home, she gladly accepted. Unfortunately, he took her to his home and now poor Honey is in for a long, hard weekend of bondage and ballgags!
Skip starts by pulling down her skimpy dress and fondling her massive mammaries, then pulls off her teeny white thong and leaves her to ponder her dire situation. Kneeling and tied to a post, Honey has to endure an unyielding crotchrope and heavy, dangling nipple clamps!
Not surprisingly, Honey doesn't seem to mind the next scene all that much. She's tied flat on her back with lots of rope body webbing...and a buzzing vibrator tied against her pussy!
Laying nude on the floor, only Honey's slender wrists are tied around a post, but when Skip ties one of her ankles up high on the post, any kind of modestly is impossible.
Next, the tanned blonde is tied standing between two posts. A waist rope pulls her forward so she can't even lean backward to support herself!
Perched on a stool, it's more fancy nipple-clamping for those huge hooters, and finally, a lotus tie has Honey folded in half and smiling!
(Looks like maybe Skip has made a new friend!)

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