Matrock Entertainment

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CAST: Austin Kincaid, Carly Parker, Jeanveve Jolie, Kylie Wilde, Paola Rey, Regan Reese, Tori Lane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The Durango Brothers present another series of wild bitch battles that'll get your engine racing! This time all the action takes place in sexy, sun-drenched Hollywood so you know the chicks will be hot-hot-HOT!
MATCH ONE: Tory Vs. Jenaveve…a long jog through the sunny Hollywood Hills gets these two brunette babes warm, sweaty, and aggressive. Their competitive natures get them arguing over who’s the better wrestler and thing get physical fast! What happens when two horny hotties start pushing, shoving and pinning each other on the polished floors of a SoCal mansion? Pussy licking, snatch fingering and lots of orgasms, that’s what!

MATCH TWO: Austin Vs. Carly Vs. Paola…this is a classic three-girl match! We start out with all three women introducing themselves and giving their personal stats. They tell us whose ass they’re gonna kick and who they’re worried about going up against, then it’s straight to the mat. The shoes come off and it’s flesh against flesh. Huge boobs are used to smother. Pretty little feet make nice pussy torture instruments. Paola’s the tallest so Austin and Carly team up on her and that’s when things get really hot! Paola’s the meat in a three-girl sex sandwich! (You've never seen three chicks have so much fun with one red dildo!)

MATCH THREE: Regan Vs. Kylie…we’re back at the mansion again and Regan and Kylie are stretching before their workout. Oh, these mouthy bitches; they never know when to keep their big traps shut! Soon the girls are posturing and threatening. They slam their tits together as the shove each other around the room. Yummy! Clothes come off, exposing rock hard bodies. (Tough chick Regan has a LOAD of tattoos!) Pins, pushes, grabs and holds – these chicks mean business and soon their big mouths (and hands…and tits…and legs…and feet) are used for something even sexier than fighting!

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