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CAST: Bridgette Paris,Lena Ramon


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Time and time again our customers tell us that the hogtie is their favorite position. Well, this video features SIX different hogties, interspersed with four other "classic" bondage positions. That's TEN scenes in all! Not only that, but eight of the scenes are BAREFOOT. Yum! Lovely brunette Lena Ramon starts us off in a semi-suspension hogtie on a bench, outdoors. She drools a LOT through her ballgag. Next we find Bridgett in a leather cuff and padlock hogtie, struggling in red lingerie. Still outdoors, Lena is now in a stringent strappado with a tight crotchrope. Speaking of crotchropes, the one Bridgett wears in her next position, a bed-spreadeagle, is hoisted so tightly it's amazing! Now Lena is rope-hogtied, cleave-gagged and barefoot. Bridgett wriggles in a full-nude, leather strap hogtie on the bedroom floor.Lena spends time bound on a tall stool. Moving to the kitchen we find that someone has bound Bridgett, nude and barefoot, to a chair with clear plastic wrap! Lena finishes up her day with a leather strap hogtie.Finally, Bridgett wraps things up with a KILLER crossed-ankle hogtie on the kitchen floor. Her BIG TOES are individually bound back to her chest ropes and she can barely move!

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