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CAST: Allanah Rhodes, Aiden Starr (Aka Lolita)


RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

Hogtie lovers, you can't miss with this one! The first "Hogtie Honeys" featured two sexy redheads bound in a series of restrictive hogties...and this new sequel to that popular video carries on in the same tradition! Allanah Rhodes and Aiden Starr both have long red hair, creamy skin and a strong penchant for bondage. Both can take a lot of confinement and both love performing for the camera. Perfect!
Allanah starts us off with an elbows-together hogtie for which she wears a cute skirt and a see-thru top! Aiden is up next and she wears blue jeans for her elbows-together hog! Both ladies are stunning in their pink lingerie and six-inch heels for a set of crossed ankle and wrist hogties. Next Allanah wears blue lingerie for a barefoot hogtie tied atop a slender weight bench, then Aiden models sexy stockings and heels for an extreme-arch hogtie that really stretches her petite body! Now we find Allanah severely confined in a leather single-sleeve and strap hogtie -- she can barely move! Moving to the floor, Aiden arms are practically welded together in back for another hard-arch hogtie with a detective-style bandana gag, then Allanah tries to struggle in a full-nude and barefoot, crossed-ankle hogtie.
The last scene of the program is the most dramatic: Aiden is nude (except for her six-inch heels) and fully suspended in a package-hogtie that leaves her dangling a couple of feet above the bed!
All in all, you get two sexy redheads in ten incredible hogties...plus we've included previews of our other hogtie-only videos!

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