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CAST: Devin Demoore, Lena Ramon, Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

So many of you have told us that the hogtie is your favorite bondage position of all that we've put together yet another great program featuring ONLY hogties!
Exotic Devin DeMoore starts us off with five stringent scenes. She's first hogtied and tape-gagged on the sofa, dressed in sweater, skirt and heels, then she gets a leather cuff-and-chain floor hogtie, clad only in skimpy lingerie and slip-on high heels (that soon slip off)! Next she's on a fur rug for an all-steel handcuff-anklecuff hog and a tight rope hog. Finally, she's nude and barefoot for a difficult crossed-ankle hog on the sofa that leaves her pretty much immobilized.
Moving on, we find that sweet secretaries Talia Monet and Lena Ramon have been hogtied and tape-gagged on the floor. Stockinged Lena loses her shoes (but not her cute eyeglasses) as the two struggle heartily. For two sexy, stern, side-by-side hogs the ladies strip down first to lingerie, then to nothing at all. The last two scenes will leave you panting as each gal takes a turn as the vibrator-domme over her hogtied friend. First fishnet-clad Lena first wields the magic wand on Talia's tender pussy, then Talia takes control and wrings an orgasm out of Lena.
Two orgasms, three ladies, ten scenes and thirteen hogties...what a hot program!

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