Helpless Heroes 5

Helpless Heroes

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CAST: Alexandra Nice, Brick Majors


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Starring truly beautiful Alexandra Nice as Shine with long Flame-red-tipped dark hair, full luscious breasts with always hard nipples, and a cunt you want to stick your head into and drown in pussy juice. Her super hero nemesis is Brick Majors AKA Dimension. Blond, muscular, and as handsome as she is won't be able to wait for this god and goddess to fuck each other. Wearing sky high yellow boots Shine, sneaks into Dimension's secret lair intent on stealing the Super Hero Power Statue. Dimension awakens and attacks Shine from behind. Both incased in lycra super suits, their two perfect bodies hump and grind against each other for so long you expect them to combust. But Dimension zaps Shine with his paralyzing energy ray, removes her power ring, then takes his time peeling her out of her costume and lovingly unlaces her boots. Shine awakens naked and bound doggy style with Dimension finger churning her pussy juices. Thinking he's in full control, Dimension releases Shine to mission fuck her, but a surprise blow to his balls puts Shine in control. Dimension is spread-eagle bound on his knees as Shine slaps his face and taunts him with her stiff nips and love muff. Even though they're sworn enemies, Shine can't resist Dimension's rock hard pussy plunger and releases him for a super fuck. And fuck her he does. Dimension fucks Shine in a standing position. Dimension fucks Shine on his bed. And Dimension finally blasts his meat cannon all over Shine's face. While Dimension lays weakened and spent, Shine hastily retrieves her power ring and zaps her Helpless Hero out cold. Unable to move, Dimension watches Shine approach the Super Hero Power Statue. Will Shine accomplish her mission? Will Dimension recover in time to save the statue and his powers? Is this the end?

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