Helpless Heroes 4

Helpless Heroes

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CAST: Eric Everhard, Shaena Steel


RELEASE DATE: 4/1/2017

In Helpless Heroes 4, Super Hero Icicle (Eric Everhard) surprise catches delicious diva-devil Firestar (Shaena Steel) in his secret laboratory-gym attempting to plant a bomb. “So, we meet again, Firestar.” Wearing a black cape and shiny black thigh-high stiletto boots; a blood red bandeau top and twat tight red short shorts... total pro bad girl Firestar attempts to seduce Icicle.... neither of them knowing the other is carrying a secret paralyzing spray device. They struggle for control. Firestar squirms and writhes as Icicle’s forceful hands grab and grope her smokin’ hot crotch. He strokes and squeezes her luscious tits. But Firestar manages to spray Icicle with her paralyzing fire mist. Icicle is down. He’s struggles against the paralyzing concoction. But it’s useless. Firestar collars and chains him. Then spreadeagles the helpless hero on his own rubber suction rack. She licks his helpless muscular body. She teases his rockhard rubber encased cock. Thinking Icicle is still helpless, Firestar releases her captive only to be surprise overpowered and ends up split splayed flat on her back on Icicle’s rubber suction rack. Icicle licks and fondles Firestars’ voluptuous body to his hard-on’s content. Hot to fuck her, Icicle releases Firestar. They struggle. Firestar street fights dirty like a man. Icicle overpowers her and peels off her thigh high boots. He roughly strips off her bandeau and shorts exposing her luscious tits and shaved clean super-heroes-only cunt. Their heat increases until Icicle throws his naked captive into a black leather sex sling. Then the fucking begins. Super Hero Icicle force rams his massive cock thru the slushy pulsating lips of Firestar’s vaginal nova...plowing...pounding...burying himself within...grinding.....churning Firestar’s pussy pudding.... then withdrawing and ramming it home... harder and deeper.. again and again. Fucked to limpness, Icicle hoists Firestar out of the sling and while hugging her against him... plants her sloppy hole back onto his engorged cock. Icicle fucks Firestar mercilessly. Still not thru with her, Icicle drapes Firestar back over the sling and goes bush plowing from behind. How much fucking can Firestar take? Will Icicle go sweet on her? Will they meet again? If you’re in to fantasy duo, super hero, hardcore fucking and sucking...... FIRESTAR VS ICICLE.... is lurid comic book style fetish sex at its most incendiary. Available in VHS & DVD.

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