Hardcore Male/Female Oil Wrestling 4

Matrock Entertainment

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CAST: Bobby, Debbie, Julia, Larry, Mitch, Paul, Rachel, Veronica


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The AVN award-winning series continues as Hardcore Oil Wrestling Four brings you four more sex-crazed couple matches in two hours of non-stop oil pit action. Don't let the girlish charms of these buxom babes fool you. Each one gives their man a ton of sweaty and slippery action as he wrestles for her pussy. In match one Veronica is determined to keep her bikini top on, and of course Paul is determined to get it off. And when he does get it off he pays for it! Vivacious Veronica is a damn good wrestler but we don't think Paul minds being headlocked in her lucious thighs. In match two, Julia uses her feminine ways to fool Bobby into thinking she's a pushover. But as the wrestling begins she shows she knows how to fight dirty, relentlessy grabbing Bobby's crotch and taking control of the match. When Bobby decides he's had enough, Julia better look out. Her tits and pussy are up for grabs in more ways than one! In match three, Rachel does her best to keep towering Larry at bay. However as these two tussle, it becomes pretty clear that Rachel loves submitting and Larry loves dominating. In one slippery sensual hold after another Rachel takes her licks until she's ready to do some licking of her own. In match four shapely Rachel and bad-boy Mitch make you want to hide a camera in their bedroom. Because if this what they're willing to do in front of the camera, you can only imagine what they do in private! Rachel does a good job of keeping Mitch at bay, but she just can't help craving his cock. Hardcore Oil Wrestling Four delivers four buxom babes vs. four muscle men in four steamy matches with four wet and wild victory fucks! There's no pretense here, just another pulsator from Matrock Adventures!

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