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CAST: Alex Jordan, Darla Crane, Kristine Imboch (lorelei), Lorelei (Aka Kristine Imboch), Morgan Phoenix

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's a double-feature about door-to-door saleswomen with a rather aggressive sales pitch!
When lusty lingerie-selling Alex Jordan shows up at Lorelei's door, she has no idea what awaits her; her potential customer ties her up! Lorelei amuses herself by dominating Alex, then binds her to an upturned table and holds a vibrator against her pussy until she trembles her way through two real ORGASMS!
Unfortunately, Lorelei cuts her off in the middle of trying for a third climax, so Alex exacts her revenge in a spectacular manner. She ties Lorelei into a taut strappado and uses clothespins to dangle a high heeled pump from each of her nipples!
An enthusiastic Darla Crane is the next lingerie seller, plying her wares on the doorstep of Morgan Phoenix. Morgan's not prepared for Darla's sales technique, though. She's forced over the back of the couch, her wrists are bound and she's spanked, all ON CAMERA!
Next, Darla suspends Morgan from the ceiling by her slender wrists and flogs the hell out of her dangling body. The whacks ring loudly though the entire house!
Just what kind of salespeople ARE there women anyway?

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