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CAST: Ginger Monroe

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Another brand new model in the House of Davis! Blonde, blue-eyed, and fair, Ginger is a demure bondagette who makes sweet little gag noises and struggles gently.
As we open, she’s all alone in the dungeon, leashed to the ceiling and clad in skirt, blouse, black hose and heels (attention all you fans of crossed wrists). When Bryan arrives, he pulls off her skirt and opens her blouse to reveal the lacy lingerie hidden underneath.
Re-dressed in more appropriate attire for a bondage slave, Ginger endures a strappado position that leaves her plump breasts dangling.
Next, she’s dressed in yet another sexy slavegirl ensemble, cuffed standing between two long chains and gagged with a panel-harness gag. Her ankles are pulled w-i-i-i-id-e apart, stressing her legs, as she wobbles on five-inch heels.
A steel cuff hogtie leaves poor Ginger vulnerable to Bryan’s wicked, wandering hands, then she sits daintily in a chair, roped there, of course, until Bryan ties her legs far apart and pulls her tits out of her red patent corset to play with them.
Ginger kneels on Bryan’s custom-made “bondage box” with her wrists hammered in back, then Bryan enters and folds her forward into a ball-tie that shows off the sexy gothic batwing tattoos on her back!
Laying face-up on the wooden box, now, Ginger’s legs are spread wide to each side and bound in place, on camera. She can only whimper and chew nervously on her ballgag as Bryan threatens to leave her there for the night!

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