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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

Bryan Davis plays a guy fed up with his girlfriend, Eve Ellis. She'd rather schlep around in her comfy, sloppy clothes but he misses the days when she'd dress to please him. Handcuffed Eve is chain-leashed to the ceiling. Bryan pulls off her clothes, and demands that she put on the lingerie she's been avoiding. We watch as she puts on her black bra, panty, garters, stockings, gloves and finally high heels. She snaps on the handcuffs Bryan has left, then sits down on the floor. When Bryan shows back up he pushes a red ballgag into her mouth and binds her ankles and wrists onscreen, then pulls her into an "almost" ball-tie. Next The stunning redhead is clad in white lingerie, sitting on a tall stool. Bryan binds her elbows together, then adds lots of ropes to keep her arms immobile. He applies a knotted crotchrope and binds her knees and ankles. Moving away from the stool, he bends Eve into a hogtie, running the connecting rope from her ankles to the back-strap of a leather blindfold! Now Eve is standing. A circle of cold steel around her neck keeps her locked to a bondage frame. She wears a black corset and high heels, and a ring gag causes her to drool. Bryan clamps her pert nipples on camera. Bent over a wooden frame, almost all of Eve's weight is balanced precariously on her pelvis. Her arms are tied strap-pado-style, and her head is held up by ropes tied in her hair and to her harness ballgag. Her frog-tied legs are sus-pended at the ankles. Finally, in the corset and a leather single-sleeve, Eve obediently accepts a face-covering blind-fold/mask gag and Bryan's riding crop on her inner thighs. This tape features lots of onscreen tying and classic lingerie.

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