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CAST: Karl Gold,Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Darla Crane finally gets Tory Sinclair in her clutches!
Luscious Tory plays a famous romance novelist who's having trouble coming up with a storyline for her newest novel, "Forbidden Rendezvous."
As she sits pondering, one hot afternoon, she spies her handsome pool man Karl through her bedroom window and finds herself fantasizing about him.
In her mind's eye, she walks up to him wearing only high heels and sunglasses...and what man could resist a body like hers?
She imagines him tying her poolside, fondling her soft flesh and feeding her sweet grapes. Then she thinks of him binding her to her bed and whipping her entire body with a tender doe-skin flogger.
What Tory doesn't know is that Karl and her sexy assistant Artemis are actually secret lovers...and when she finds out, she hits the roof! They beg to keep their jobs so Tory gives them only one option: Artemis must surrender herself completely as Tory's bondage slave while Karl sits handcuffed to a chair, watching them play.
Tory punishes Artemis' smooth hide with crops and whips, then straps her up on the sofa where she torments her with a huge vibrator until waves of ORGASMIC PLEASURE course through her petite, curvy body!
(Both Artemis and Karl pass Tory's excruciating it looks like the romance-writer has come up with a juicy B&D plot for that new novel!)

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