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CAST: Brandy (aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan binds and punishes Brandy in several sexy, fetish-y ways. She wears a studded black patent leather halter and panty ensemble to compliment leather-strap bondage. First she's standing and harness-gagged, then she balances on knee-point, ring-gagged, with her throat padlocked into a steel restraint. Nude but high-heeled, she sports intricate chest and crotch roping, and a ballgag.Standing isn't quite tough enough for our gal, so Bryan arches her backwards over a chair and fondles her bountiful bust. Ballgagged and cuffed to a spreader bar, Brandy must hold her ass up in the air so as not to disturb the two burning candles that have melted into place there. She tries to avoid causing the hot wax to drip all over her cheeks, but Master Bryan does not make this easy for her! Brandy makes a cute-as-can-be "French maid" in bondage. Her frilly black and white costume is accented by neat white elbow and wrist ropes, a steel ankle-spreader bar and a white leather harness/ring gag. A little quick maneuvering and she's on her tummy in a strict hogtie variation that includes a rope running from the bar between her ankles to the top strap of the harness gag to keep her face and high heels up high.Brandy is stunning in a bright blue patent leather waist cincher, matching bra, and black leather "ballet-boots". First she's tightly bound to a post by ropes around her waist, elbows, mouth and eyes! (Brandy is an amazing submissive, folks…do NOT attempt this one at home!) The spreader bar keeps those ballet-boots spread wide to give us a nice, clear shot of her rosy labia. Still in the beautiful blue lingerie and ballet-boots Brandy now sports a leather face mask gag and blindfold. She's perched atop a very sexy steel frame that helps keep her up on the tip-toes of those boots. All in all it's great fun to watch beautiful Brandy as she submits to Bryan's stern discipline.

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