Extreme Mat Fights 2

Matrock Entertainment

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CAST: Adam West, Anastasia Blue, Cheyenne Silver, Coral Sands, Dale Da Bone, Eric Everhard, Evan Stone, Eve


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Since you helped make Extreme Mat Fights such a wild success, we thought we'd treat you to four more hot couples in some down and dirty sex wrestling action. The recipe is simple - a willing girl, a horny stud, a fantasy lockerroom - but the results will have you drooling for a taste! In match one, red-headed Eve takes on rocker Evan Stone. There's no doubting who's stronger, of course, but Eve doesn't give up without a good fight. No matter how many submissions Evan tries, Eve keeps popping back up for more. Even when she's thrown into ecstatic spasms by Evan's tongue, she recovers to wrestle some more. But finally she just can't ignore Evan's eye-popping pole, and she's flat out on the bench for a good hard victory fuck. In match two, feisty Coral Sands is going to make cocky Adam Wilde really work to spread her thighs. Her obvious animosity and ho-hum attitude about his big dick only makes Adam wilder and these two have a serious showdown. She even fakes him out with a blowjob that turns into a teeth laced booby trap. Ouch! But Adam recovers and comes back stronger, finally teaching Coral a lesson. She willingly chokes on that big dick, and submits to a good doggie-fuck with an explosive finish for both. In match three, wild-child Anastasia Blue's little-girl-lost innocence doesn't fool super stud Eric Everhard. Eric knows what she wants and he's going to give it to her. He dominates early and puts her out with a sleeper - at least he thinks he does. As soon as he relaxes, she spins around and surprises him, pinning him on his back with her crotch in his face and her hand firmly on his dick for control. Eric eventually regains dominance, and wins the match with a real sleeper. Not taking any chances, he decides to take her mind of wrestling by diving into her pussy with his tongue. Returning the favor, Anastasia surprises him by actually deep throating his gigantic cock. Hungry for more, she's soon bouncing up and down on it, her pussy barely able to hold it's full girth. A couple of orgasms later, they finish in a satisfied heap. In match four, cheeky Cheyenne Silver tries to tame bad-boy Dale Debone. Dale clearly likes to dominate his women and Cheyenne seems to like it, as Dale wipes the mat with her. Hold after hold, Dale is in control and Cheyenne is in heaven. Dale finally confirms just how wet he's made her pussy and she engulfs his raging bone, before a multiple position fuck into the mat. Hi-ho Silver! Extreme Mat Fights 2 is a tasty and tumultuous two hour treat for all you sex wrestling fans!

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