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CAST: Darla Crane, Jewell Marceau, Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

For this, her third video ever for Close-Up, Darla decided it was time to call upon one of her own biggest kinks: SUPERHEROINES IN PERIL!
Beautiful, blonde Stacy Burke stars as Joy Wright, assistant to the city mayor. But Joy has a secret: she's also the superheroine ELECTRA GIRL! Stronger than 20 men, Electra Girl happily defends her city. She has a problem, though; her arch nemesis Brutalia (Darla at her most diabolical) has bribed her way into an early release from prison and wants to get Electra Girl out of the way.
Brutalia has noticed that whenever Joy Wright's sweet-as-pie secretary Jenny Olsen (Jewell Marceau) gets into trouble, Electra Girl comes to her rescue. What better bait could she hope for to lure the blonde dynamo into her clutches? Brutalia and her henchman burst into Joy's office and render Jenny unconscious with knock-out gas. They stuff Jenny's limp body into a mailbag and carry her away, leaving a terse note for Joy.
Once in Brutalia's lair, Jenny is bound with duct tape, then roped into an elbows-together hogtie. Brutalia even ties nude Jenny to a chair and interrogates her under a harsh spotlight.
Meanwhile, back at the office, Joy finally finds the note Brutalia left instructing her to tell Electra Girl of Jenny's capture and springs into action. Electra Girl bursts into Brutalia's lair but quickly gets a dose of that dreaded knock-out spray and winds up bound again and again with colorful strands of a super-strong polymer that even she can't break.
Brutalia even tries unmask to her struggling captive but cannot because of a force field which only Electra Girl can disable. No problem...maybe the anguish of witnessing innocent Jenny's repeated sexual humiliation (a string of genuine, wet orgasms via an electric "gratification wand") will weaken Electra Girl's resolve enough to allow herself to be unmasked!
Evil Brutalia now has only one thing left to do to complete her total destruction of Electra Girl...but rest assured, she does NOT succeed. We won't spoil the ending here, but we can tell you that the vixenish villainess ends up hanging from her ankles, heavily dosed with a memory-wiping chemical!
COOL TRIVIA! Darla was the first director ever to cast Stacy Burke as a superheroine! Darla Sez: "I had never worked with Stacy but every picture I'd ever seen of her made me think of superheroines; bold, blonde, busty...and just begging to be tied up and tormented!"

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