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CAST: Ava Miro, Darla Crane, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna, Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sexy superheroine Electra Girl returns in this tale of good vs evil! When demonic Lady Arachnae devises a plan to cloak all of the world's major airports in electronic "webs," Electra Girl is called into action to try to stop her.
Lady Arachnae has a few advantages at her disposal though, like a paralyzing hypnotic stare and a sexy, over-heated assistant named Charlotte. Will Electra Girl be able to stop Lady Arachnae and Charlotte before they carry out their nefarious scheme?
To announce her evil plans to the world, Arachnae kidnaps a television news anchorwoman (Darla) and forces her to read a statement over the air. Fortunately, mayoral assistant Joy Wright is watching and sees the tied-up anchorwoman deliver Arachnae's message. You see, Joy is secretly the superheroine Electra Girl and she has no intention of letting Arachnae get away with this terrible scheme!
Tracking down Arachnae's lair, Electra Girl figures this will be an easy bug to squash...but she quickly finds herself stuck on Arachnae's electronic "fly paper," unable to avoid that deadly hypno-stare!
Our buxom heroine spends the day wound up in the webs of her spidery nemesis, taunted and tormented by both Arachnae AND Charlotte. To weaken her and break her resolve, she is even forced to ORGASM against her will!
How will she ever get out of this sticky situation?
Darla was the first person ever to cast Stacy Burke as a superheroine!
Ava Miro is a real life fetishist. She was one of Mistress Belladonna's personal dungeon assistants when Darla cast her in this, her very first bondage video!

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