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CAST: Jewell Marceau

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan's new girlfriend Jewell knows he is a bondage producer but she's never seen his equipment so he takes her to the garage for a look. She's intrigued and playfully tries on handcuffs -- but is a little frightened when Bryan refuses to take them off. Before she knows what's happening, Bryan has a chain locked around her slender neck and he's walking out the door. Oh no! Jewell pleads for release but it's not coming. When he finally returns, Bryan reminds her that no one will be missing her for a while. Soon, despite her embarrassment, the luscious brunette is stripped, bound and gagged in all manner of strict and cruel ways. Bryan even removes her stockings and shoes and ties her toes on camera! Will Jewell ever escape? Or will she learn to enjoy being left bound, gagged, nude and barefoot on the floor of Bryan's garage?

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