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CAST: B.B.,Michelle,Mya Mckay,Smokie Flame

DIRECTOR: Richard Fitzwell

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

DD 2 kicks off with a beautiful photographer innocently taking some nature shots out in the secluded desert. She’s happily snapping away when all of a sudden she’s abducted, bound and gagged by a masked stranger. He quickly turns the tables on her, as she becomes the subject of the camera lens. He snaps away as the terrified captive pleads for release. Along the way, he nabs a nude sunbather, doses her with a chloro rag for easy transportability and hauls them both back to his lair. Once there, he alternates tormenting both of the powerless lambs in different parts of the house. He tosses the first victim into a rubber vacuum sack and seals her in tight. Her protests slowly diminish as the air leaves the bag and she’s suctioned into complete submission. She’s left immobilized there while he torments the other girl in the garage, where the helpless thing has been restrained, naked in a dog cage with her mouth pried open with a dental gag. He bangs menacingly on the cage, terrifying the imprisoned girl. She’s then subjected to a little water torture before he heads back to victim number one, who’s bound wrist to ankle on the bed. Naked and writhing around, she moans helplessly as he manhandles her flesh. He smacks her with his riding crop and then applies some bastinado to the soles of her naked feet. Just when she thought she’d had enough, he fires up a candle for an intense and totally hot waxing session. Then back again to the first victim who’s been covered in cling wrap and stuffed into the emptied out refrigerator for cold storage. These girls are brutalized over and over again for the masked stranger’s perverse pleasure. You never knew an ordinary house could harbor such Domestic Disturbance.

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