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CAST: Catalina L`Amour, Cathryn Beaumont, Darla Crane, Jacqueline Marsh, Larae, Molly Matthews (aka Emily Marilyn), Sophia Capri


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This is one kinky clinic!
As we open, the Head Nurse Cathryn Beaumont chases frightened patient Molly Matthews, binds and gags her, forces her to worship her thighs, toys with her nipples, and spanks her.
Nurse Catalina L'amour binds, gags, and fondles worried patient Ariele Cole in the hallway, while in the back office, Nurses Sophia Capri and Larae taunt Nurse Jacqueline Marsh and gag her with a rubber ball.
Lusty Nurse Darla Crane decides to start her own clinic and enlists Catalina to help her "recruit" patients. They pay a house call to Ariele's home, overpowering, chloroforming, and stripping her clothes off so that Darla can perform a "breast exam". Catalina makes an error during the exam and incurs Darla's wrath!
With the help of two male medical assistants, Darla spanks Catalina, then chloroforms her and strips off her uniform. After bandaging the beautiful blond to a chair, Darla applies nipple clamps and a medical vibrator until Catalina is absolute putty in her hands!

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