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CAST: Darla Crane,Jewell Marceau,Tanya Danielle

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

For her first production of Darla has begun a new project. "DARLA'S DARLINGS" productions will feature Darla working one-on-one with her very favorite models! In addition, you'll get to hear Darla's thoughts on these lovely ladies in voiceover! For her first outing in this endeavor, "MY DREAM GIRLS," Darla has chosen two girls with whom she has worked in both fetish and XXX situations.
Tanned, taut Tanya Danielle is up first and we get a bit of "behind the scenes" action as Darla and her cameraman help the gorgeous blonde decide what to wear. Moving outdoors, Tanya is bound first in a spreader-bar Eiffel Tower tie that shows off her amazing legs, then she's leather strapped into a strict lotus. She really does enjoy bondage and this is evident as Darla applies her gag on camera. Now in the house, Darla first frogties Tanya's muscular physique, then ropes her to a bench for some vibrator-play that leads to a big orgasm for the bound, barefoot blonde!
Juicy Jewell Marceau is up next, immobilized on the bed and cinched into a blue satin corset with matching lingerie and six-inch stiletto heels. Delicious! Her first bondage is a severe frogtie (Darla's most adored position) and she struggles beautifully. Next, Jewell's lovely ass is exposed for a face-down spreadeagle. Darla can't resist pinking those cheeks with a few whacks from her blue leather whip! A fold-tie immobilizes Jewell so that when she accidentally tips over onto her side (exposing her pretty pussy) she can't move an inch without help from her captor! Jewell's final tie is a full-nude (except for another amazing pair of six-inch stilettos) face-up spreadeagle with one suspended leg. Perfect for Darla to get in there with a vibrator and force an orgasm out of her writhing body!
Throughout the program Darla's voicover makes you feel as if she's there in the room, chatting with you about these lush ladies!

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