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CAST: Brandy (aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's the thirtieth "anniversary" of Close-Up's popular BRYAN DAVIS EXTREME video series, and who better to celebrate with than Bryan's favortie model of all time, busty, blonde Brandy!
We open on that dungeon we know so well as tiny-yet-curvy Brandy struggles valiently against Bryan's tying. She wears a tigh black waist cincher and not much else! Soon her arms are tied and she is completely helpless to face the rest of her day.
Next, we find Miss Brandy in a stunning, full-body-length red satin corset, tied to a chair....but then Bryan cannot resist standing her up and adding a harness gag, a steel waist belt and a vibrator for more fun!
Another vibrator scene follows, with Brandy back in her little black corset and tied standing strappado-style over a wooden frame. (This normally pouty struggler really takes her time in both of these sexy scenes, slowly pleasuring herself over the vibrator wedged between her thighs.)
Next Brandy sits patiently while Bryan ties her on a stool, even helping him out a bit with her positioning. What an obedient little corset slave she is! This scene is drawn out to its full advantage so we can see just how and where Bryan applies the ropes.
Now we find Brandy kneeling on the floor in her black corset, stockings, and heels, then it is yet another vibrator scene for our little lady. A blindfold adds to her pleasure...and ours!
Lastly, it’s an unusual hogtie/"flying" variation tie that has a nude and un-corseted Brandy’s tummy on a stool with her arms tied 'box-style" and her legs suspended in the air behind her. Sexy!

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