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CAST: Ariele Cole,Contessa Noir


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Ancient wooden paddles, painted with images of voluptuous women, have mystified historians. They label them "paddle-dolls", yet their actual purpose seems perfectly obvious to those familiar with D&S and S&M. A study of Egyptian hieroglyphics and paintings make it clear that bondage, discipline, submission, and dressing for pleasure, were a strong aspect of their culture. In this video Cleopatra, strikingly portrayed by The Contessa, receives a slave girl (lovely Ariele Cole) and begins to train her as a personal servant. Following a confirmed ritual, the queen offers her new pet a flower to show her acceptance. The nude slave girl performs an erotic dance, and later the two women sensually feed each other wine and bits of sweet fruit, another well-known practice. Cleopatra is most happy with her new charge, until she discovers that her slave has been drawing obscene hieroglyphics. Flying into a rage, she punishes Ariele with the paddle-doll, then a 30-tail leather whip, a forked tongue whip, and a leather slapper, before taking mercy and forgiving her errant slave.

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