Matrock Entertainment

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CAST: Barret Moore,Ginger Paige,Goldie (Aka Goldie Blair),Isabella Camille


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Close-Up is so proud to add a new fetish to our line-up: Sexy Catfighting and Wrestling from Matrock Adventures!
Match 1: Ginger Paige is late for practice and squad leader Barret Moore has had enough! Ginger’s tougher and the team captain is tickled into submission! Pussy munching and a double-dildo are employed!
Match 2: Czech foreign exchange student Isabella Camille wants to get her cheers right, but Goldie thinks she should give it up. Each gal gets a moment of domination only to be reversed into submission. When Goldie starts to tickle, Isabella is a goner!

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