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CAST: Chelsea Blue, Kae Laymen, Summer Knight

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Oh, Kae! What did you do to deserve such punishments?Soldier Kae Laymen is chloroformed by a woman in black (gorgeous Summer Knight). She's handcuffed, shackled and kept in a cage. Summer comes to toy with her through the cage bars and to her embarrassment, Kae can't help being excited by this coarse treatment! She bravely refuses to divulge military secrets to her sexy inquisitor. Perhaps some harsh discipline and nipple-clamps will change her mind? Or maybe it will help to bring in another tormentor -- stunning Chelsea Blue -- so that together they can suspend Kae in the air and stimulate her wet pussy until she succumbs to mind-blowing orgasm! After all this humiliation, Kae dreams of REVENGE... and it will be sweet!(New model Kae was genuinely excited by Summer during this shoot and it's quite obvious at times!)

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