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CAST: Zana

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Tall, busty and blonde, Zana is in the clutches of the Sterne-Masterson kidnapper! As we open, the darling damsel is dragged into the dungeon by her masked abductor. She is wrist-bound, ankle-bound and gagged – and NOT happy! Her predicament worsens when he starts stripping off her clothes and fondling her perfect body. A spreader bar between her ankles, a rope through her crotch, and now she is perfectly helpless! Next, the spreader bar is still there but her clothes are completely gone (except for her sexy red pumps, which stay on throughout the video). A spread-legged chair tie is made worse with the addition of belled nipple clamps. A steel yoke keeps her wrists firmly in place, but when she almost reaches the buckle to her ankle strap, her kinky kidnapper decides it's time for more manhandling. A vibrator tied between her legs certainly calms her down a bit! Finally, she's bound to a hospital bed and left to worry about what else she's in for!

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