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CAST: Darla Crane, Julie Beren, Morgan Phoenix

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This outstanding bondage-and-discipline fantasy was Darla's very first production for Close-Up Concepts and it has become a classic best-seller!
Domina Darla has placed a telephone order with her favorite "abduction fantasy" company and soon sweet Morgan Phoenix is snatched from her bed, crated-up and delivered straight to Darla's door! Upon delivery, Morgan is inspected by her new Mistress and the house maid, Julie. Morgan's nightgown and panties are snipped away with scissors and her hands are cuffed over her head. Darla wraps her voluptuous body in ropes (on camera) and bit-gags her. Poor Morgan drools all over herself as Darla whips her ass, breasts and belly.
Meanwhile, Julie the spoiled-brat maid is growing jealous of all the attention Darla lavishes on her new pet so she frames innocent Morgan for bad behavior. The blonde beauty is punished with full, upside-down suspension and a hard whipping with a rubber-strand flogger!
Selfish Julie still isn't satisfied and constantly misbehaves for attention. Spilling coffee on her Mistress is going one step too far, though, and soon she is ballgagged, her elbows are lashed together and she's paddled hard on her plump ass. Unfortunately, this stern punishment doesn't work, and as soon as Darla's attention returns to Morgan, the scheming maid again stirs up more trouble for her blameless rival.
Morgan is now bound to a chair, a large ring gag is wedged between her teeth and her nipples are clamped (on camera). While Julie toys with her overly sensitized breasts, Darla teases her pussy with a vibrator until she succumbs to a gushing wet orgasm! (Lusty Morgan told us afterward that she was so turned-on that her nipples even lactated a tiny bit through the clamps!)
Of course, silly maid Julie can't help gloating about her success at getting Morgan in trouble. Hot-tempered Darla overhears the two brats bickering and bragging and soon BOTH of them are tightly corseted and bound to a post so that Darla can redden their asses with a fierce leather slapper and two stinging riding crops!
Don't miss out on owning this now-classic production, roped and directed by bondage legend Darla Crane!

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