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CAST: Randi Storm, Sadie Atkins

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sweet Sadie finds an old reel of film in the family attic and sends it off to be transferred to video. She's not happy when she finally gets to watch it, though, as it's old footage of her mother prancing around in 50's lingerie and high heels! On the tape another woman struts in and binds, gags and spanks mom right before her daughter's shocked eyes.By now Sadie is pissed off that some bitch has done this to her mother, and when she accidentally finds out that the dominant woman is a relative of her friend Randi, the fur flies. Sadie slips Randi a drugged drink and the bondage takes off from there. Blonde Randi gets plenty of tight breast bondage before Sadie forces her to ORGASM with a wand vibrator! All this bondage has gotten to Sadie, though, and she confesses to Randi that she'd like to try being bound herself. Randi is only happy to assist her, with ropes, nipple clamps and spanking!

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