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CAST: Lena Ramon

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Blue-eyed Lena Ramon makes her Bryan Davis debut in this tape and she's lovelier than ever. Starting out in corset, panties, stockings and heels, the petite brunette is definitely NOT happy about being bound and gagged in Bryan's dungeon. She struggles and kicks at him as he manhandles her helpless body. This will not do! Next we find Lena standing with her wrists bound overhead and bells clamped to her nipples. Bryan fondles her body, despite her protests. After removing her panties he cranks one of her ankles up behind her and ties it to the ceiling. That sure turns her complaints to quiet whimpers! Next she spends a LONG time in a very difficult chair tie that includes lots of close-ups of her crotchrope buried deep in her very furry muff. Now that her will has been broken, Lena is the perfect docile pet. She poses and preens in a single-sleeve and gag, following Bryan's off-camera instructions perfectly. The finishing piece here is an all nude, crossed ankle hogtie that strains Lena's flexibility - and really excites her!

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