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CAST: Jewell Marceau

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

We open on Jewell, lingerie-clad and bound in Bryan's dungeon. When the Master enters he takes control of her, petting her helpless body and hand-blindfolding her. Soon she's bound standing with her wrists over her head. After slipping off her panties, Bryan locks a long spreader bar between her ankles and clips bells on her nipples. Now the beautiful brunette is bound in a wrists-in-front lotus position. As she lies back and pleasures herself by plucking at her crotchrope, the bells on her nipples jingle musically. Next Jewell is on her back with heavy metal restraints around her neck and wrists. When Bryan straps her knees up to her chest we get a pretty close-up of her toes and pussy! Seated on a small bench, Jewell mews in distress as chains dig in tightly around her breasts. Bound on all fours, her wrists and neck held immobile by metal stocks, Jewell's body is totally vulnerable, then finally, our pretty, nude damsel is blindfolded and frogtied on a wooden box. She's the perfect pet for a worthy master!

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