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CAST: Anna Mills, Dorothy Laine, Lena Ramon, Loren Chance

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's a catburglar-double-feature!In STORY ONE, Lena Ramon is a sneaky hotel thief who breaks into the WRONG room. Going through the drawers, Lena is puzzled to find only rope, riding crops and nipple clamps. When the room's occupant (bondage icon Dorothy Laine) returns, Lena is quick to grab her and tie her to a chair. Complaining that rope isn't worth stealing, she takes Dorothy's car keys and goes out to the parking lot to see if her car has any value. While she's gone, though, Dorothy wriggles free and jumps unsuspecting Lena upon her return. Dorothy is actually in town for a BONDAGE convention and decides to give her frightened prisoner a crash course in just how valuable ropes and gags ARE! As always happens in these situations, the tables are eventually turned and Dorothy must endure Lena's retaliation...with a buzzing VIBRATOR!STORY TWO stars beautiful blonde Anna Mills (in her triumphant return to modeling after a long absence) and gorgeous Close-Up newcomer Loren Chance as two bickering burglars on a mission to rob a house. Anna picks the lock and they get the door open without incident but once inside, Loren shoves a chloro-cloth over Anna's face and knocks her out! When she awakens, she is hogtied, gagged and confused. Turns out Loren was only using her for her lock-picking skills and now intends to rob the place on her own and make off with all the loot. Poor Anna is tied up again and again while her captor rummages for bounty...but when Loren decides to move her noisy captive to a room at the back of the house, she isn't prepared for Anna's retaliation. Soon Loren is the one in the ropes and Anna has a wonderful time being in charge. Too bad neither of them notices the home's owner returning home! Both gals end up tied while Anna must tolerate a wand vibrator tied to her pussy! Also includes fun out-takes!

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