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CAST: Amber Michaels, Anna Mills, Carolyn Monroe, Goldie (Aka Goldie Blair), Kaylynn


RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

Darla is proud to add two spectacular adult stars to her stable of starlets! Anna Mills is a tall, sweet blonde with soft blue eyes. Kaylynn is tanned and taut with lush dark hair and eyes. Although they usually perform in bigtime XXX features, both of them have real talent for struggling sexily in ropes!Starting us off, however, are two of your favorite busty blondes, Carolyn Monroe and Goldie, fully nude, barefoot and hogtied side-by-side! Wow! Anna is up next, bandanna-gagged and leather strapped from shoulders to ankle on a leather sofa. Kaylynn is paired beautifully with voluptuous Amber Michaels for a metal cuff and chain ordeal on the sofa that allows them the freedom to fondle and pet each other's bodies! Carolyn and Goldie are bound back-to-back in the flimsiest of lingerie and high heels. Anna is on the sofa again, but this time she wears only a bra and heels. Her bitgag is roped directly down to her very tight crotchrope so that she can stimulate her clit just by turning her head -- TOO SEXY! Amber and Kaylynn are cuff-hogtied on the floor, fully nude and barefoot. Watch as they roll around giggling, trying to TICKLE each other! The rest of this tape features vibrator-orgasms for everyone! Goldie struggles sexily on all fours until Carolyn treats her to a vibrator on her upturned pussy, then Goldie returns the favor as Carolyn is roped on the sofa. Amber is spread-eagled for her orgasm, then tightly frogtied Kaylynn gets the vibe treatment from Amber. Finally, Anna is all alone with a vibe tied against her pussy. Her forced climax is so intense it leaves her quaking in her bonds! Five gorgeous ladies, five GENUINE bondage orgasms, 11 SCENES in all...this video is a must-have!

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