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CAST: Justine (aka Nancy Clifton),Tory Sinclair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Everyone knows how great Tory Sinclair is in the submissive role, but she's also a dynamite dominant! In this tape we get four scenes of hot Mistress Tory controlling Justine (formerly Nancy Clifton), one of the most perfectly submissive women we know. In each scene both women wear sexy, high-heeled boots. First we find Justine bound on a large velvet chair. Tory smacks her perfect thighs with a riding crop and rubs passionately against her plump breasts. Roped face-down on the sofa, Justine's backside is completely vulnerable to Tory's stinger crop and roaming hands. Next we find Justine breast-bound and struggling on her back, the perfect centerpiece in this domination tableau. Tory uses a leather slapper on her legs, belly, breasts -- even her exposed pussy! Finally, Justine, in thigh-high patent boots and half-bra, is tied to a chaise and coaxed to TWO GENUINE ORGASMS by Tory with a great big vibrator!

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