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CAST: Claire Adams

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan Davis' new model Claire is one flexible lady. It might even be fair to call her a "bondage contortionist," and in this new video she really shows us what her bendable body can endure!
We start out with a nice close-up of Claire's cute face (she resembles movie stars Claire Danes and Juliette Lewis) receiving a fat ballgag. She whimpers, but something tells us she's not all that upset. She wears a sheer black catsuit and gloves, accented by a shiny corset and heels. Bryan binds her elbows, ankles and knees all on camera, before pulling her wrists w-a-a-a-a-a-y up in back for an intense strappado.
Next, a rope is added to pull her head down toward her knees for a thigh-stressing fold-strappado.
Stunningly, Claire is next fully-suspended from her hips and waist with a vibrator wedged between her thighs. At first, it looks like orgasm will elude her, but given enough time, she eventually climaxes hard!
Now we find her in a partially-suspended hogtie that leaves her rocking helplessly on her belly, then she gets a steel chain wedged between her poor pussy lips.
The reverse-prayer she gets next will have you holding your breath as Bryan slowly eases her hands right up behind her head and straps them in place! Claire gets lost in the sensations of a vibe roped against her pussy, then it's a sexy strap frogtie for our supple seductress.
For her last scene, Claire is in an Eiffel Tower position, teetering on ballet boots for another vibrator orgasm!
Happy to meet you, Claire!

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