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CAST: April Blossom, Arron Wilcox, Brooke, Haileey James, John Espizedo, Rachel Roxxx, T.J. Cummings


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bedroom Brawl kicks off with best girlfriends Rachel and April hanging out in bed after just having come home from the bar. They’ve had a few shots and are feeling good, giggling and tipsy. The limber college hotties start showing each other some yoga moves, which quickly turns onto a playful wrestling match. The action picks up when they start putting the moves on each other with lots of pinning, hair pulling and wrapping each other in totally hot leg locks. The girls are in the thick of it when Aaron Wilcox enters. He tells the wasted babes to give up the bed so he can get some sleep and quickly gets pulled into the match. Aaron doesn’t put up much of a fight as the girls double team him and strip off his shirt. He returns the favor and rips off the rest of Rachel and April clothes. The threesome roll around the bed totally naked and pretty soon the playful fighting turns into serious XXX action. Aaron holds Rachel down as April fingers her hot, wet pussy. Then April turns her attention to Aaron’s rock hard cock as he finishes taking care of Rachel’s clit. To return the favor, Rachel goes down on Aaron, deep throating his meat as he eats April out. These three go at it in a raging hot suck and fuck fest with the girls cumming multiple times. Aaron finally climaxes, spraying his load over the Rachel’s hot tits. In part two, T.J. Cummings and ultra gorgeous Brooke Banner face off in a scorching hot match of their own. These two tear up the mat, taking turns bitching each other out. T.J. rips off Brooke’s top during the bout and she returns the favor by choking him out with it. T.J. comes right back and dominates Brooke with all kinds of painful submission holds until he decides to take his prize. Brooke surrenders totally as T.J. puts her on her back and sticks his throbbing cock in her. These two fuck like lovers in a pulse pounding climax. If you like wrestling and red hot mat fucking, then Bedroom Brawl is a can’t miss.

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