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CAST: Aiden Starr (Aka Lolita), Bridgette Paris, Julie Simone, Stacy Burke


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Four beautiful models, all securely bound and gagged, sometimes in lingerie, sometimes nude...but ALWAYS barefoot! Sound like a fantasy come true? In this new video that's just just what you get!
We open on cute little Aiden Starr, tied securely to the bed while adorable Stacy Burke tickles her upturned soles! Aiden is not amused and when the tables are turned, she punishes naughty Stacy's suspended bare feet with a leather slapper-crop!
Next we find Julie Simone slapping and cropping Bridgett Paris' petite bare feet with sexy abandon. Bridgett can't do anything about it, however, because she's strapped into a leather single sleeve! The curvy cutie gets her revenge, though...she secures Julie's wrists and ankles into a mini-stock and tickles her pink peds!
A double-dose of two-girl hogtie scenes is next, with Stacy and Aiden roped fully nude, then Bridgett and Julie cuffed and chained in lingerie.
Moving on we find Stacy, Bridgett and Julie all tied in a row on the sofa. Good thing they have slave Aiden to loving remove their high heels and apply lotion to each of their sexy, wrinkled soles!
Finally, ALL FOUR LADIES are roped up nude and sitting on the living room floor. Watch breathlessly as they giggle and play footsie with each other!
Barefoot lovers, this video is for YOU!
Roped & Directed by Darla Crane.

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