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CAST: Francesca Lé

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Francesca endures the Magnet Gauntlet! Kneeling naked with hands bound behind as she's forced to use magnets strung from her nipples to pick up rows of magnets on the floor. Drool runs down her breasts and drips everywhere as she crawls along.This single scene is worth the price of admission and the humiliation is exceptional and her torment will have you applauding.Storyline has Bryan dragging in a canvas bag and unzips it to reveal Francesca, bound hand and foot. Bryan ropes her into a hogtie. Later Bryan pulls her dress off and bares her breasts. She's tied bent-over and Bryan spanks her nicely exposed ass. Next Francesca is mounted spread wide over a char and a carefully placed candle-flame is heating her vulnerable pussy. Finally Francesca finds herself in a ball-tie in preparation for shipping, where she learns she's not the only piece of merchandise - there's a bound up blonde in there! A two for one deal!

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