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CAST: Ashley Renee, Darla Crane, Maya Mclaren

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Ashley Renee has long been one of the fetish world's most popular models. This interesting bondage-and-discipline fantasy by Darla Crane examines what can happen when an overzealous fan goes too far!

As we open, Ashley is bound to a tall stool, struggling gently and moaning. When Darla ballgags her on camera, Ashley drools all over her breasts. Eventually, Darla calls "Cut!" and we realize we are watching the shooting of a scene for a new bondage video.
Unbeknownst to Ashley, though, her "biggest fan" is watching the taping from the shadows. Maya wants to be famous just like Ashley so she has devised a plan to kidnap the bondage supermodel and make her her new best friend!
She lures the unsuspecting starlet back to the studio, after everyone else has gone, and chloroforms her into unconsciousness!
When Ashley awakens, she must endure bondage after bondage, with Maya fondling, teasing and tormenting her the whole time. Maya even leaves poor Ashley tied up all alone in the studio to go for an audition with director Darla! (Like we said...she wants to be a model just like Ashley!)
Later, after smuggling the busty brunette back to her apartment, Maya even forces poor Ashley to ORGASM with a buzzing vibrator!
Here's what Adult Video News Magazine had to say about ASHlEY'S BIGGEST FAN..."The camera makes love, sweet love, to Renee's body, especially when it's bound by white ropes. Darla Crane is a gorgeous redhead with an impressive rack - as well as a nice cross and bondage frame. Good, clean, kinky fun."

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