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CAST: Angella Faith,Dorothy Laine

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This superb video has the look and feel of a bondage movie from the 1970's. Dorothy Laine and Angella Faith are both top-of-the-line performers and they do an amazing job with this story!
Dorothy plays an office building cleaning lady and her workday is usually pretty boring...but one Saturday afternoon things get crazy! After scrubbing and sweeping for a while, she sits down for a phone chat with her boyfriend. As soon as she hangs up with him, though, she's grabbed from behind and chloroformed by a mysterious woman in black (Angella)!
When she awakens she is bound and gagged in the building's dirty old storeroom. Angella torments poor Dorothy through two bondages, finally revealing that Dorothy's boyfriend is also HER husband! Poor Dorothy didn't know he was married so she's not about to take Angella's abuse lying down.
Soon the tables are turned and Angella is getting a little bondage and punishment of her own, including a whipping, an ass-paddling and three genuine, vibrator-induced bondage ORGASMS!
Dorothy's not out of the woods yet...Angella again gains the upper hand and Dorothy must submit to a powerful, bound-and-blindfolded CLIMAX of her own!

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