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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan and Eve Ellis spend the day playing out their fetish fantasies. First the lovely redhead is ballgagged onscreen by Bryan. She wears only fishnet tights and high heels, and we get to watch as Bryan ties her elbows, then applies a crotchrope and secures a steel spreader bar between her ankles. When he bends her over and tethers her neck to the spreader we get a nice view of the crotch panel of her hosiery. Nude now, except for heels and a ballgag, Eve is wrist and ankle bound. Onscreen Bryan ties her first into a strict hogtie variation, then a full ball-tie. We get a nice close-up of Eve accepting a big ring gag between her lips, then find that she is now in a kneeling position with her elbows together in back. Securing her wrists to her ankles and hoisting her crotchrope forward, Bryan turns her simple bondage into a real toughie of a back-bender. Standing under a wooden frame, Eve wears a patent leather chest harness, leather gloves, and high heels. Bryan forces a wooden gag into her mouth and ties her into a standing spread-eagle. Still wearing the gloves and heels, and mouthing the wooden gag, Eve kneels before the frame. Bryan stand her up, lashes her elbows together, and binds her into an ultra-secure, multi-point strappado position under the frame. Even her gag is secured to it!

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