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CAST: Brooke Waters, Devin Demoore, Lin Silk, Lisa Drake, Morgan Phoenix


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Thought your Kristine Imboch collection was complete? Well think again! We found this footage in a dusty old drawer and knew we couldn't just ignore it. Master's Thesis: Free Speech, stars Devin DeMoore and Lin Silk. Devin plays a professor who cares more about her career than her pupils' education. Lin is her best student, but Devin is afraid that if Lin does poorly, she'll look bad, so she wrestles Lin to the floor, ties her up, and spanks her! Poor Lin is humiliated, but soon the tables are turned. Lin ties Devin at the front of the classroom and squirts her down with a water pistol, then she places a vibrator on a short stand directly in front of her crotch and leaves her there! Despite her humiliation, Devin can't resist rubbing her clit against the vibrator. What will her morning class think when they find her like this? Following the story, submissive Brooke Waters sits patiently as Master Brian Tarsis binds her to a chair on camera. (This scene was originally to be part of SIN-5 "Slave to Sorrow".) The final scene features Morgan Phoenix fondling and whipping tightly bound Lisa Drake and buzzing her puss with a mini vibrator. Lisa whimpers in the most innocent way -- especially as Morgan is ripping away the crotch of her pantyhose!

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