Helpless Heroes 8 & 9

Helpless Heroes 8 & 9

Helpless Heroes

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CAST: Cherokee,Grant Michaels,Jean Val Jean,Trina Michaels


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2019

TITAN GOES DOWN If you've been around long enough to remember the Steve Reeves sword and sandal movies of the 60's, the plots were all the same. Muscular gladiator hero captured and tortured by a leather princess dominatrix. Over the top drama. Lurid colors. Italian suspense music. Cult classic stuff more recently aired as the 4:00 AM feature. In this loves-his-work director Jimmy Durango delivers muscle hero Titan to pure evil seductress Cherokee. Those who love it will note that this video is not the first time Cherokee has dominated a man. Any how...civilian Grant Michaels spins himself into super hero Titan when he's tricked into thinking an on-line leather girl needs rescuing. It's a trap. Titan is duped, doped, and roped by his dominatrix in red. Spread-eagled and stripped to the waist, Titan is teased, tormented, and tantalized before Cherokee sticks him in the neck with even more dope. Then Cherokee gives her captive hero an excellent long...slow...clit spread striptease that will bring strong men to their knees. There's blow jobs and slit lickin'. And there's the fuck. A fully recovered Titan plunders and owns leather goddess Cherokee's pussy. This is a very hot fantasy featuring two very attractive people. Matrock Entertainment delivers quality hardcore action. VOLTAGE GETS SQUEEZED Long blond haired agent/mini-skirt-perpetrator Trina Michaels is caught trying to penetrate the security system of super hero Voltage's science lab. They struggle. They fight. Trina goes for Val's balls. Voltage chloroforms Trina who wakes up tightly spread-eagled on her back wearing the-devil-made-her-wear-it red bikini with the bottom half featuring the Brazilian split clit cut, and black fuck-me-bitch heels. Jesus, what a spread shot. Fucking delicious visual. Could cause pre-mature ejaculation Thank you Durango brothers. Yes. Two.... truly dedicated-to-their-art the brother directors. But Voltage wants to wrestle and over power his captive into submission. Released, very blond Trina services her hero stud with a long, slow, unlacing-of-the-boots and removal scene. Guys into having their feet serviced can check out here if they'd like. OK...Blondie has some tricks too and turns herself into Squeeze to fight Voltage more fairly. But she doesn't fight fairly and zaps Voltage into becoming her sex slave. He strips out of his super suit. She slips out of hers...lays down...splay spreads her woman head for him to more easily face fuck her back to his ears. Ah....the smell of it. A glint of vaginal jewelry is of great interest to Voltage's tongue. Then there is lots of fucking. As Voltage, Frenchman Jean Val Jean represents his countrymen’s' lovemaking reputation well....grabbing handfuls of long blond hair and hump fucking Squeeze in prolonged bitch position. Ah...this is good stuff from Matrock.

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