Helpless Heroes

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CAST: Jeanveve Jolie, Justin Magnum, Nick Jacobs, Tori Lane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Holy helpless heroes - the Durango Brothers are at it again! This dynamic double feature has it all: hot chicks, hung guys, spandex, boots, masks and more! Story One, "Hatchet Vs. Sheen," stars yummy Tori Lane and blonde boytoy Justin Magnum. Tori, it seems, needs to be a bit more careful of who she hops into the sack with. After a romp in the sheets, she invites Justin into the shower with her...but all he wants is for her to get the hell out. His asshole behavior is a big fat mistake because Tori is also the spandex-clad vixen "Sheen," a lady who won't take this kind of thing lying down! Of course, Justin's alter ego is "Hatchet," who makes HIS case with a long, shiny machete! Sheen sneaks into Hatchet's lair with her mystical flags and set out to make his life miserable. Like something out of a Hong Kong action flick, her magical banners snake around the room, snatching Hatchet's machete right out of his hand and wrapping him up tightly! Unfortunately for Sheen, Hatchet managed to soak a cloth in chloroform and slip on a protective mask before she got him into her clutches and now the fumes are wafting up and around her face. Soon she's completely unconscious, lying in a heap at his feet! When Sheen awakens she is nude and roped spread-eagle to a bed. Uh-oh! Hatchet appears to have the upper hand...but when Sheen whispers "I'll do ANYTHING if you free me" he's done in. Soon the two horny titans are fucking like animals! But will Sheen ever get out of Hatchet's clutches? Story Two features dusky beauty Jenaveve Jolie as superheroine "Scarlett" and Nick Jacobs as "Odius," a wicked visitor from the fifteenth dimension. We open on Jenaveve getting into bed for the night...but something's not right and she can't get to sleep. Even a self-satisfying session of pussy fingering doesn't relieve her tension. Tossing and turning, she drifts into a fitful sleep and dreams she's tied to her bed! Waking with a start, she quickly jumps out of bed and assumes her ruby-hued alter ego. Without warning, Odius appears right there in her room! His muscular body, squeezed into a blue spandex bodysuit, he sports a strange silver facemask. Scarlett knows right away that this guy is bad business and fights him hard. Odius whips out a mysterious spray can and douses her with it, reducing the former hellcat to a purring sex kitten and the two get it on hot and heavy on her bed! But will she manage to slip away once she's quenched his dastardly desire? Don't bet on it!

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